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OPTION- A (Tough Trekking)

Namsan is a capital township of Palaung (minority people) locates at an elevation of 5400 ft, in Northern Shan State. Surrounding hills are covered by tea plantations and hill- tribe’s villages. The town looks out over a sea of rucked-up mountain ridges and plunging ravines. Most of the inhabitants are Shwe (Golden) PALAUNG and there are several different types of PALAUNG such as Ngwe (Silver) and PALAY- PALAUNG village sitting on the top of the mountain at an altitude of above 6000ft. The tea cultivation and factories are mainly run by local.

Day 1: Through TAI VILLAGE – PAN NYAUNG (approx 8 hrs)

Start the journey with a short transport from Hotel through TAI villages and mountains for half an hour. From there, commence trekking for several hours through little jungle and minority villages.

Lunch stop in Pan Nyaung (TAI-PALAUNG) village. Continue afternoon trekking along the trails through tea plantations and hill cultivations area for about 4:30 hours (no village till night stop village). Dinner and overnight in Golden Palaung village.


Start challenging trekking through ethnic villages and tea plantations with the fantastic scenery of Nam San and surrounding villages.

Lunch stop at the monastery of PALAY-PALAUNG village. Continue trekking and admiring panoramic scenery as you are on top of the mountain ridges. Dinner and overnight at PALAUNG village.

Day 3: NAMSAN (approx 6 hrs)

Trekking through Tea plantations and villages with the scenery of Namsan and surrounding villages.

Lunch stop in (Gold Palaung) village next to Nam San and continue afternoon walk to Nam San (PALAUNG capital). Dinner and overnight in Nam Sam.

Day 4: NAMSAN – HSIPAW (approx 6 hrs)

Sightseeing around in Nam San (Zayangyi tea factories, Konmuseng Ruby stupa etc.,). Lunch in Local restaurant and continue trip by pick-up truck to Hsipaw.

All breakfast will be taken away from the Night-stop village.

(Remark; The itinerary and destination of each day can be changed upon the condition of the weather and season)

***End of the Tour***

OPTION- B (opposite direction)

Day 1: NAMSAN – LELU VILLAGE (approx 5 hrs drive)

Local pick-up truck ride fromHotel to Namsan. Lunch stop in the half way at Lelu village (PALAY-PALAUNG tribes).Dinner and overnight in “ShwePyiTaung Tan” Guest House in Namsan.

Day 2: NAN NAUK VILLAGE – EI LONG PARK (approx. 8 hours)

After local breakfast at noodle stall, commence trekking from guest house around 7:30 am through tea plantations, villages with a few of ups and downs. Lunch stop in Man Nauk village. Continue walking to the destination of Ei Long Peak which locates at an elevation of 5500 ft. Dinner and overnight in Ei Long.


Start trekking after breakfast through relatively flat with ups and downs along tea plantation for 1:30 hour. Pay a visit to charming, beautiful PALAY-PALAUNG village and monetary. Continue trekking for another 01:30 hour, there we have our lunch break at Pansone village. Take an afternoon walk through the steeped slope for 40 m to Kon Hot (North) and another 1 hour walk along hillside for Kon Hot (South) where we have dinner and overnight.

Day 4: PAN NYAUNG – HSIPAW (approx. 7 hours)

After local breakfast, start our journey with one hour up hilling till the gate way of spirit where we get a break for a few minutes. Down sloping along the trails through hill cultivations area for about 03:00 hours. There are no villages until the village called PAN NYAUNG (TAI-PALAUNG) where we have lunch stop.

Continue afternoon trek through a relatively flat area with ups and downs. Finally, we reach to a village at the lower part of mountain where can easily be accessed to get pickup and head to Hsipaw.

(Remark; The itinerary and destination of each day can be changed upon the condition of the weather and season)

***End of the Tour***