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Red Ixora Travel is a reliable travel agent in Myanmar. We provide the best value in service, product, knowledge and advice for our clients. Offering package tours, we also specialize in tailor made tours for individuals, groups and corporations wishing to visit Myanmar. Incentive tours can also be arranged.

Our popular tour packages are a selection of the best and most diverse tourist destinations in Myanmar. The packages are arranged to give you an insight into Myanmar traditions, culture and scenic beauty. We can even make adjustments to packaged tours to suit your travel plans.

We can create a travel program based on your wishes & ideas about destinations around Myanmar. We plan according to your specifications, budget & travel style.

Tourism is booming in Myanmar, with many famous destinations to visit. There also remain many destinations unknown to you. At Red Ixora Travel, we have the knowledge to share useful information about how to explore these famous & not so famous destinations.

We will be delighted to help make your memorable, dream vacation come true & look forward to welcoming you to the truly “Golden Land of Myanmar”. Travel with us to see the authentic Myanmar.”

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    Use the ‘Book Now’ links to tell us which tours you are interested in or to ask us questions. Please mention any special requests that you may have.
    When you are satisfied with our proposal, you can make reservations for your whole trip.
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    After you have received your confirmation letter via email, a 30% deposit payment made via bank transfer will be needed to secure the booking. The remaining payment will be requested  45 days before your arrival date.
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    You can cancel your booking via email or telephone call. Your cancellation will be effective with our acknowledgement of your cancellation. Cancellation fees are as follow;
    More than 45 days – No charge
    45-30 days – 50%
    29-0 days – 100%


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  • Geography

    Myanmar is located between Bangladesh to the west and Thailand to the east, with India and China to the north.

    It has a total area of 678,500 square kilometers (262,000 square miles). Myanmar consists of 14 states and regions, 67 districts, 330 townships, 64 sub-townships, 377 towns, 2,914 Wards, 14,220 village tracts and 68,290 villages.

    The country itself is divided into two classifications. Lower Myanmar is comprised of coastal areas with thick tropical forests that have teak, oil-bearing and timber trees.

    Upper Myanmar makes up the interior part of the country.

    Naypyidaw is the capital but the largest city is Yangon.

    Mandalay, located in Upper Myanmar is an important trade center.

    A major topographical feature of Myanmar is the Irrawaddy River system. Since its deltaic plains are very fertile, it is considered to be the most important part of the country covering about 18,000 sq mi (47,000 sq km). Hkakabo Razi, the highest peak in Southeast Asia at 19,295 ft (5,881 m), is located in Myanmar. A barrier between India and Myanmar, the Arakan Yoma range has peaks that range between 915 m (3,000 ft) and 1,525 m (5,000 ft).

    Almost half of Myanmar is covered in forests that are comprised of teak, rubber, cinchona, acacia, bamboo, ironwood, mangrove, coconut, betel palm with northern highlands comprised of oak, pine and many varieties of rhododendron. There are many tropical fruits to be found as well, citrus, bananas, mangoes, and guavas in the coastal region.

  • People

    Myanmar is made up of 135 national races, of which the main national races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Burma, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. Population is estimated to be over 60 million. The nationality is Myanmar. There are more than 100 ethnic groups in Myanmar. Some of the Ethnic groups are listed as Akha, Palaung, Padaung, Naga, Taron, Eng and many more near extinct tribes. The religions are Buddhist, Christian and Muslim. The major language is Myanmar, but minority ethnic groups have their own languages.  English is widely spoken and understood. 
  • Religion

    Myanmar has a population of 60 million of which 87% profess Theravada Buddhism, 4% Christianity, 4% Muslim, 1% Hinduism.
  • Climate

    Myanmar has three main seasons. Monsoon season brings heavy rain & usually starts towards the end of May or beginning of June. November is the start of the dry season when the temperature stays lower until February when the heat returns for the hot season.
    Many people consider the best time to visit is between November and February, after the monsoon season but before the heat waves.
    Other time of the year are also enjoyable if you would like to experience something very different to what you are accustomed to.
  • Electricity

    Electricity is 200 volts AC, 50Hz.. You should consider bringing adapters suitable for Myanmar.
  • Myanmar’s Wildlife

    Commonly found in Myanmar’s jungles are tigers and leopards. In Upper Myanmar’s highlands, the elephant, rhinoceros, wild buffalo, wild boar can be found as well as many species of deer and antelope. As forests cover over 40 percent of Myanmar, it’s not surprising there are animals that live and thrive in them.
    Some of Myanmar’s smaller animals make the forests their home, one such animal is the gibbon, which is a small species of ape that lives in trees. Other small animals to be found in Myanmar are several monkey species, the flying fox, the wildcat and the tapir.
    Some of the common reptiles in Myanmar include crocodiles, pythons, cobras, geckos and turtles. Bird varieties are many as well, with the exotic parrot being among them. Other birds found include crows, pheasants, peafowl and paddy birds.
  • General Information

    • The country code is +95, and the internet access code is .mm.
    • Time Zone = MMT (UTC+6:30)
    • International airports are in Yangon and Mandalay.
    • Major Credit cards are not widely accepted. Cash is always more convenient. National currency is Kyat.
    • Clothing should be light, casual cotton wear, sandals or slippers are best for summer.
    • A cardigan or light jerkin for winter and quick drying clothes and an umbrella during the rainy season.